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Seasoned Chaos

Subseasonal to seasonal forecasting blog for scientists and non-scientists

Seasoned Chaos was started by five graduate students at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School in 2019 with the goal of explaining climate phenomena in a fun and digestible way. Many posts have themes and graphics that can be used for teaching classes and presentations. Below are links to blog posts that I authored. I've also included posts I've guest authored for other blogs. 
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Demystifying Machine Learning in Climate Science
Seasoned Chaos


The More We Learn, the Less We Know
Seasoned Chaos

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What Can the Tropics Tell Us About Next Week's Weather?
Seasoned Chaos

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How Forecasts of Opportunity Help Communities Prepare for Climate Disasters
CSU School of Global Environmental Sustainability
HumanNature Blog


Catch a wave: how waves from the MJO and ENSO impact U.S. rainfall

What are teleconnections? Connecting Earth's climate patterns via global information superhighways

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